Why Novi?

We strive to provide the highest level of service, security and cleanliness across all of our properties. We are never finished.

Great experience

Novi Properties has been offering clean, safe and quiet homes to tens of thousands of families for over 60 years. We share a love for the city of Toronto and hope to continue in its growth.

Professional Management

Our experienced team is there to help all tenants at every turn. Whether you are looking for a place,  making a home at one of our buildings, or moving on to different locations, we hope that we can help service you at all times.

Your new home awaits

Novi Properties has been offering clean, safe and quiet living for over 60 years. With a variety of different building styles and areas to choose from, we believe you will find a new home which suits your needs.

Professional Management

Our tenants are always treated with respect and dignity.

Excellent Locations

All of our properties are within, at most, a 10 minute walk to major transit.

Clean & Secure

We offer the highest level of cleanliness, calmness and security to our tenants across all of our buildings.

Meet the team

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Our Properties

From walk-ups to apartment towers, for working professional or a families we have accommodations that will suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers to your questions.

I found a vacancy I’m interested in. What do I do next?

Reach out to the Building Manager and set up a time to come visit the building. Our staff would be very happy to show you around the building as well as any vacant unit.

What is the term of the Tenancy Agreement?

All of our agreements are one year terms which automatically extend on a month-to-month basis afterwards.

What is your application process for potential tenants?

We take in applications on a rolling basis - meaning the sooner you get the application in, the more chance you have of securing a vacant unit. Each application goes through our own algorithms to determine the viability of the applicant. Unfortunately, we only have a finite number of units and therefore our often times forced to reject qualified applicants.

What is in each unit?

All of our suites come with basic appliances - refrigerators and stoves. Many of our newer units are equipped with add on appliances such as built-in microwaves and dishwashers. A select few have washer/dryers in the unit. Our units are also painted, cleaned and floors refurbished prior to tenants moving in.

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